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Browser Compatibility

Daguerreotypes at Harvard has been designed and tested for Internet Explorer 6.xx and above and Firefox 2.xx and above, with JavaScript enabled. Older versions of these browsers and/or other browsers may not display contents correctly.


Use of Harvard’s Daguerreotypes

Consult the Permissions document for information on possible uses of the images found in Daguerreotypes at Harvard.

Submitting New Records to Daguerreotypes at Harvard

In order to keep Daguerreotypes at Harvard up to date, collection managers at Harvard are encouraged to add records for any newly discovered or acquired daguerreotypes in their respective holdings. Guidelines for submitting new records can be found here.

Virtual Collections at Harvard

Daguerreotypes at Harvard is powered by Harvard’s Virtual Collections (VC) service, which harvests descriptions and links from Harvard University Library union catalogs (HOLLIS, VIA, Harvard Geospatial Library) and makes them available for web-based search and display.

All resources described in a virtual collection can also be found in one of Harvard’s main online catalogs (HOLLIS, VIA, Harvard Geospatial Library, and OASIS). The Virtual Collections Service is developed and supported by the Harvard University Library’s Office for Information Systems (OIS). See the OIS web site for more information about the Virtual Collections service.